Plumbing tools

Whether you
want to do small plumbing jobs or start a complete installation, but your
budget prevents you from doing so, don’t worry, because you can pay for the
tools you need with a second-hand purchase.

plumbing tools, it is possible to rent the equipment, but the best is to buy
your own tools, especially power tools, prefer quality tools. In addition,
always have tools available for routine repairs and occasional troubleshooting.

The basic toolbox

The basic
toolbox is useful for all DIY jobs, including plumbing. A flat and cross-headed
screwdriver, a flat, round and half round file, a hacksaw, power pliers, a tape
measure, gloves, a spirit level, a square, a pencil, an eraser, paper, a cloth,
an emery cloth, a string, a knife, a workbench with a vice, a pocket
calculator, a universal saw…

In addition
to the tools in the basic box, you can acquire tools specific to sanitary

Some of
these tools, such as the wrench, can also be used for other jobs.

tools include bending pliers, pipe cutters, ferrets, suction cups, suction
cups, leveling tools, wrenches, pipe wrenches, honing tools, straightening
tools, wrenches, spanners, sword wrenches, reamers, and more.

A bag to carry the tools

Of course,
what would a plumber be without a tool bag? This almost indispensable accessory
makes it easy to carry a large number of different tools, with pockets for
screwdrivers, pliers and wrenches. Convenient to avoid having to travel from
the construction site to the truck!